Fire-rated glasses are a popular choice, especially in commercial buildings. From balustrades, doors, and false ceilings to doors and windows, fire-rated glazed balustrades are a convenient option for all commercial premises.

Fire-rated glasses keep the premises safe, especially if there’s any sudden fire breakout in the commercial premises. During the design of a commercial building is being made, the installers pay proper attention to the fact that every building should be made safe. Using fire-rated glazed balustrades will ensure that the premises are lit up with natural light and that fire-rated balustrades also protect the interiors.

What is fire-resistant glass?

For proper fire rates glazed balustrades, you must know in detail about the nature and properties of fire-resistant glasses. It is a specialised type of glass designed to withstand the high temperatures that might be emitted due to a sudden fire breakout. Using this type of glass for commercial spaces prevents the spread of fire and smoke. However, it is commonly used in commercial buildings rather than for residential buildings.

How are fire-resistant glasses manufactured?

You’ll come across manufacturers with different types of fire-resistant glasses. Manufacturers generally produce two fire-resistant glasses: the Georgian wire glass and the Pyroguard fire glass.

However, regardless of the manufacturing process, every fire glass is tested properly as per the business standards to make sure that the same is working effectively.

Georgian wire glass

This type of fire-resistant glass with an internal wire frame is generally visible like a cross-hatched wire pattern on the glass where the same has been installed. This wire can hold the glass back together even if the glass is being hampered by high degrees of fire and temperature. The function of the wire is to prevent the glass from collapsing.

Pyroguard fire glass

These types of fire-rated glasses are made with a heat-resistant material, a form of resin generally inserted between the glass panes to make it withstand all types of high-temperature fluctuations.

Points to consider before installing fire resistant glasses

  • Make sure you buy the fire resistant glass as per the application and purpose of the same.
  • Get hold of a good installer for the proper and safe installation of this type of glasses.
  • Keep a check on the maintenance and the inspection part of the glasses from time to time.
  • Check the compatibility of the fire-resistant glasses with different other parts of the commercial building components.

If you’re considering getting fire-resistant glasses for your commercial premises, you must contact a renowned supplier. For modern, sleek and stylish fire rated glass balustrades of brands like Lunax, Vetrotech, Schuco, Jansen andJanisol, contact Glasstec Systems. You can choose a range of glass balustrades for your commercial premises. To know more, check our website.