You will get various options for commercial safety glass when you plan to remodel your office. Are you planning on adding a new structure or fixing a broken window or door? Whether you’re developing elegant office space in the suburbs or a storefront in downtown, commercial glass specialists can help you with different types of safety glasses for your property.

Safety glass is distinct from other types of industrial Glass. It is built to withstand blows and other types of harm that would shatter other kinds of Glass. Additionally, if the Glass does break, it is intended to lessen the likelihood of harm.

Here is a closer look at the many safety glass options available for your commercial premises.

What are the different types of commercial safety glasses?

Laminated Glass

You can find laminated glasses used in skylights and windscreens. They are popularly used in commercial structures. A plastic sheet is laminated between two panes of tempered Glass to make it robust. The plastic coating provides additional defence and prevents the Glass from shattering. If the glass breaks, the fragments of a broken pane adhere to the plastic rather than falling to the ground.

Bullet-proof Glass

Bullet-resistant Glass is made of polycarbonate that strengthens and stretches the glass pane. This kind of Glass can deflect a bullet’s impact, slowing it down and shielding people inside from harm. The strongest bullet-resistant safety glass can survive a bullet’s impact without breaking. Hence they are popularly used for commercial glass installations.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glasses are commonly found in different commercial safety glasses. Glass that has been tempered is more durable than regular Glass and about five times stronger. This added strength has a price, though. Tempered safety glass is extremely fragile and breaks into thousands of fragments. While this could appear threatening, the glass’ design ensures that it breaks into rounded pebbles rather than jagged pieces. This makes tempered safety glass an excellent option for structures that need sturdy Glass that won’t endanger occupants during a break.

Impact proof Glass

If you’re worried about hits from tornadoes or other powerful blunt forces, consider using impact-resistant safety glass. Impact-proof safety glasses made with reinforced frames. This method ensures that the extremely strong Glass will stay within its frame even if it is struck by flying debris. Impact-resistant Glass may shatter when struck, but it will keep anything from flying through the window and hurting the people inside.

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