Create Nice Visual Effect with Walk-on Glass Flooring

If you want to add a nice stylish statement to your property, try walk-on glass flooring. Collaborate with our team at Glasstec Systems to install the flooring with experts’ help. Placing large, transparent glass panels on the floor makes your abode much more stylish and expressive.

Use Your Walk-on Glass Flooring Anywhere:

Walk on glass panels create a dramatic architectural feature in any project, whether used internally e.g. staircases or floors/ceilings to illuminate dark basements; or externally e.g. outdoor patios or decking areas.

Our technical team can help to integrate walk on glass into your project with ease, designing striking walk on glazing structures and calculating the strength of the glass required for footfall.  Walk on glass solutions include structural glass floors, walk on rooflights, walk on glass well covers and laminated glass beams.

Make the Most of Walk-on Glass Floors:

When installed beside a primary light source, the walk-on glass doors show their optimum functionality. Installing them alone can increase the monetary and aesthetic value of your house. Our expert installers can place it in the space of your choice where you can enjoy your time out walking in the house. You need not worry about accidents, as our installers can offer you slip-resistance glass to minimise the chances of accidents. You may also contact us for installation help with walk-on rooflights.


We are also able to apply the glass panels with an anti-slip treatment, which increases the safety aspect of the glass.  This is done either by specialised ceramic inks being added as a coating to the glass, or by sandblasting the surface of the glass to create a rough texture.