Fire-rated glasses are fire-resistant glasses designed to withstand high temperatures during a fire breakout. From doors to balustrades – fire-resistant glasses are everywhere. These balustrades are made with a combination of special laminated glass and fire-rated glasses. Fire-rated glass is commonly used in the exit and entry points of buildings, walls, windows, and doors. This helps to limit the spread of the fire. For good quality fire-rated glazed balustrades, get in touch with professional installers. They will use the best quality fire-resistant balustrades for installation.

What is a fire-resistant glass used for?

The major purpose of fire-resistant glasses is to create a barrier between the fire and the smoke during a sudden fire outbreak. The best quality of fire-rated glasses is that they do not shatter under the high temperature. A fire-resistant glass’s physical and chemical components prevent the same from shattering down.

Moreover, these panes of glass have a separate coating that helps reflect the heat generated from the spread of fire. Using fire-resistant glasses for balustrades also helps prevent the transmission of smoke. The panes are generally sealed with a special adhesive.

What are the types of fire-resistant glasses?

Tempered glass

Tempered glasses are generally fixed on the doors and windows. They are durable, strong and fire-resistant. They are heat treated as well; hence, when the panes get exposed to high temperatures, the outer layers tend to expand compared to the inner layers of the glass. This makes the glass sturdy and unbreakable. This prevents the glass from shattering down.

Ceramic glass

Ceramic glasses are also able to withstand high temperatures without shattering down. Ceramic glasses are generally made with a mixture of silica, alumina, and other such materials that help to protect them against fire and external sounds.

Laminated glass

If you use ceramic-based glasses as fire-resistant, then a layer of plastic will be present between the two glasses. This glass works differently. The plastic layer generally melts when exposed to heat. This prevents the glass from breaking down. Moreover, this fire-resistant glass protects against fire and sound.

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