When you consider innovative, beautiful architectural glazing solutions in your house, nothing can be compared other than joining two buildings with the help of frameless glass links.

The glass corridor placed between the buildings offers lots of prospects. It helps to join the old and new structures, protect a historic building, bring together luxury home interiors, and combine latest structures. For the architects, the frameless glass link offers practical and aesthetic solutions for all the building projects.

This blog examines exactly what the glass link is, the different ways it is used, and the benefits of placing it between buildings.

What Is The Glass Link?

 The glazed corridor, or the glass link between the two buildings, offers much to the project. It offers lots of flexibility when the time comes to enhance the aesthetics of the building. Choosing the right glazing solution is difficult for those working to renovate old and historic buildings. But the glass link is the right answer in such situations.

By elegantly combining the old and new aspects in the design, the glass links will help highlight the beauty of the original structures. It also helps to offer a practical walkway or space between the two buildings. Not only do they connect the structures. But they are also used as functional spaces with many possibilities for any architectural proposal.

What kind of project does the Glass Link suit?

Whether you want to install in a listed building as part of planning permission or on the modern new building as the bespoke design character. Different elements of highly specified structural glazing can be installed to make beautiful glass links between the spaces.

The fixing methods can vary from one project to another, with the options for securing all the fixings in the stonework to have a complete look.

One of the most effective uses of glass links is to connect the old and listed buildings to the new extension. They work great as in many cases, like that of heritage buildings do not have the space, structural integrity or planning flexibility required for meeting with the contemporary requirements.

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