Variety of Architectural Glazing To Elevate The Look of a Property

Structural glazing has been widely used to create huge glass installations with the least obstruction. You can use it in myriad ways to implement a design. Glass can be used in almost every situation. It can bear weight vertically as well as horizontally. It has the power to make everything look more aesthetically appealing. A good architectural glazing company can provide you with the best solutions for your property.

Popular Structural Glass Installations

Glass Canopies

Glass canopies, also called glass verandas, can be installed above the entrance of a property or above a patio area to create a walkway etc. It must be strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions like storms or intense wind loads.

Sliding Glass Doors

These are one effective way to create a seamless visual and practical connection between the interior of a property and the outside world. Its elegance and certain features give several beautiful ways to develop an access point in and out of a domestic or commercial property.

Glass Roofs

This is the perfect way to uplift any property’s interior with natural light. This is the key reason why people love this option. It can be fixed or opened and completely frameless, offering a clear window to the sky above. It can complement the aesthetics of any new build.

Glass Extensions

You can design completely new sections for a property as a structural glass extension with the combination of several structural glass installations like sliding doors, roofs, and walls. This is an effective way to add additional space to the existing property.

Glass Walls

There is no limit to the size of a minimal window with structural glazing. You can actually create completely glazed structural glass walls. These can grab anyone’s attention immediately and uplift a property’s look into a new dimension.

Glass Curtain Walling

Glass curtain walling can make living and work spaces completely unique, with a feeling of light and spaciousness. These can incorporate with other windows and doors, creating a complete architectural glazing system exceeding Building Regulation guidelines for thermal efficiency while creating a timeless aesthetic that increases the value of any property. These exteriors offer unlimited design freedom virtually, which is an added benefit for any architect.

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