Generally, while building a new home, the bathroom is the most neglected part. The least amount of space is allocated for bathroom construction. Thus, having a combined shower bath is a great option. You can easily install a shower glass door or a shower curtain to get a separate bathing area. This is a convenient and affordable option. However, many people get confused about the choice of the two options. Which one is a better option? A shower curtain is not a feasible option for many since the same might get wet and start generating a bad smell. The installation of a shower glass door is a highly feasible option.

Hire commercial glass specialists and install bespoke shower glass doors for your house. To know in detail about the difference between the installation of shower curtains and shower glass doors, read on.

What is a Shower Curtain?

These are the cotton or silk material cloth curtains hung to separate the bath area from the rest of the bathroom. You can easily change the curtains as per your wish and get them washed to avoid a bad smell. This is beneficial if you want complete privacy while taking a bath. Since the curtains are made of non-transparent material, complete privacy is assured.

However, while using a shower curtain, you must remember to close the liner properly after you’ve completed your bath to avoid water spillage or water deposition within the rest of the bathroom.

What is a Shower Glass Door?

With the help of structural glass specialists, you can easily get transparent glass shower doors installed to separate your bathing area from the rest of the bathroom. Unlike the shower curtains, glass shower doors don’t let the water escape. These are generally frameless glasses with simple no-frill designs. The installation and maintenance of glass doors are very easy. You can use a soft piece of cloth and wipe out the dust from the same.

Moreover, glass doors are resistant to hard water buildup. Hence, it becomes easy to tackle the glass shower doors as a user. Moreover, compared to the curtains, the installation of glass doors makes the bathroom look elegant and beautiful. You can opt for textured, frosted or designed glasses for the shower glass door.

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