Add Aesthetic Elements with Bespoke Glass Extensions

Glasstec Systems are specialists in creating striking, contemporary glass extensions for residential and commercial properties. Whether you are looking to extend your home or replacing old conservatories/rear extensions our team can help you create a stunning all-glass solution.

These ‘all-glass’ structures span floor to ceiling with minimal or no frame to maximise the amount of natural light into the building.

We work closely with home owners or trade professionals, including architects, contractors and specifiers. Each and every client receives a professional and friendly service, where we offer design guidance, structural glazing advice and project management. We ensure your project runs smoothly.

Benefits of Installing Glass Extension from Us:

The right installation of bespoke glass extensions helps make your property more thermally efficient. To accomplish this goal, you must get assistance from a reputable installer like us. Along with regulating the heat in your room, our bespoke glass extensions can help control the energy consumption on your property. Our installation process ensures that you utilise all of its benefits.

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Make Sophisticated Extensions with Frameless Glass Links

Do you want to connect a new extension between existing buildings? Approach Glasstec Systems for elegant and functional frameless glass links. We provide specialised frameless glass links to domestic as well as commercial customers.

Whether you need it to connect your back garage to your house or establish a connection between two commercial buildings, we’ve got you covered. Get visually stunning glass links adding a sense of space between two buildings.

Enhance Your Space With Minimal Frameless Glass Links

Do you want to connect the new building with the existing one? The frameless glass links are the best options that add to the aesthetics of the building. It’s a new way to make connective pathways without making it visible. Get in touch with Glasstec Systems and get the best frameless glass links customised according to the available space.

A diverse range of frameless glass links

Whether you’re a listed building, commercial property or contemporary new building – we have a range of frameless links for all types of properties and buildings. With these glazed links between the buildings, you can enhance the visual architecture of the building.

Why opt for frameless glass links?

Are you having cold feet? Then, here are a few appealing reasons that will help you decide and opt for a frameless glass link in your property.

  • We offer fully sealed silicone-based frameless glass links to allow safe passageways.
  • We manufacture glass links with no visible fixings.
  • We design glazed links to act as a bridge which can be installed internally and externally in and around the building.
  • We manufacture and install robust, durable, and frameless glass links that will last a lifetime.
  • We design the glass links in a way that is suitable for people of all sizes and weights.
  • We ensure that water flashing does not result in any water penetration within the glass panes of the glass links.

Get Seamless Designs with Frameless Glass Links

At Glasstec Systems, our team focuses on architectural excellence for every frameless glass link we make. We provide both double-glazed and single-glazed links with a sleek finish. We have different fixing methods to ensure the complete safety of the frameless glass links.

To add sophistication and safety to your property, contact us for the best quality and functionally designed frameless glass links.


Why Choose Us for Glass Extensions and Frameless Glass links?

Glasstec Systems specializes in crafting bespoke, frameless glass extensions that seamlessly blend with any property. Our team of expert installers and architects work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and deliver stunning, minimalist designs. Whether you’re looking to join two buildings, extend living space, or create a standalone conservatory, our frameless glass links provide light-filled, airy spaces without bulky framework. We offer double and triple-glazed options for optimal insulation and ensure a flawless finish on every project. With Glasstec Systems, you can trust in a seamless service and the most beautiful invisible transitions for your property.

You can also get other benefits like:

  • Multiple Types of Glass Textures and Designs
  • Installation Assistance in the Space of Your Choice
  • Offers Seamless Accessibility Between Spaces
  • Installation that Converts Your Home Into a Luxury Space
  • Capable of Adding a Fine Finish to Your Glass Extension

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We are happy to work with you from the early stages of your project. If you have an idea, you’d like to explore using glass, we can help to turn the concept into completion. Get in touch with us.