Frameless glass fire doors are a crucial glazing feature in modern commercial, multi-occupancy, and hospitality interiors. Their purpose is to prevent the spread of fire between rooms and facilitate a safe escape route for occupants.

In recent years, there has been a huge advancement in the technology in fire rated glass doors. And as a result, designs are much easier on the eye with minimal frames or even frameless options, as opposed to bulky designs previously.

Glasstec Systems are pleased to offer to the UK market the Lunax range of fully-glazed ‘all-glass’ frameless glass fire doors. Ideal for contemporary architectural designs and interiors, they are sleek, frameless, fire rated doors that don’t compromise on design.

Frameless glass fire doors

Residential fire doors

The frameless glass fire doors offer exceptional design with fire resistance and are increasingly popular with domestic and residential applications.

They provide contemporary and modern aesthetics for properties, where the ‘all-glass’ look maximises the levels of light within interior rooms. With the advantages of natural sunlight and the physical and mental benefits it brings, this is a crucial factor in modern homes.

Functionality-wise, the Lunax glass fire doors fully meet the requirements of E, EW and EI in fire-resistant glass, as set out by Approved Document B of UK Building Regulations.

Style and safety can now be provided as standard.


Frameless glass design

The frameless glass fire doors feature a fully glazed surface with only four discreet clamps holding it in place, ensuring a sleek, minimalist design. They offer a fire-proof resistance on both sides of the glass, of either 30/30 or 60/60.

The doors are held in place with flush head and floor closers. Electromagnetic hold-open springs are used together with steel pivots as a built in safety feature, as it enables automatic closing in the event of a fire.

Specifiers are able to integrate the Lunax glass fire doors into new build and renovation projects. The Glasstec team are on hand and work closely with architects, specifiers, developer, main contractors and other construction professionals.

Service is core to our operation here at Glasstec Systems, and our high quality glazing products are backed by technically sound, competent advice. Our goal is to ensure your glass specification is easier, successful, and your client project is finished on time and within budget.

Glasstec Systems are also approved installers of Lunax frameless glass fire doors. So we can help take care of the design and install for you. We have already installed the doors in a range commercial and residential projects around London, the South and South East of England.

Frameless fire rated doors