Product: ‘Floating’ Glass Staircase

Application: Residential


Structural glazing specialist Glasstec Systems completed the design, supply and installation of various glazing elements, including over 200 insulated glass panels for the RIBA London Award 2018 and RIBA National Award 2018 winning project at 15 Clerkenwell Close.

Designed by Amin Taha Architects and Groupwork, 15 Clerkenwell Close is a prestige residential development that demands attention. The building’s unconventional facade is formed from limestone structural columns and beams, creating a striking square trellis effect that surrounds the building. Upon close inspection, the structural limestone exoskeleton consists of smooth, rough and drilled sections, dotted with fossils.

Previous experience of working with RIBA award winning Amin Taha Architects ensured that Glasstec Systems could quickly comprehend the scope of works required for the glass elements at 15 Clerkenwell Close. The process was both creative and collaborative.

Glasstec Systems created 200 insulated glass panels for the buildings unique facade, in different shapes and sizes to compliment the sophisticated building design.  In addition, Glasstec Systems produced seven individually shaped “drive over” pavement lights and a bespoke toughened laminated glass roof garden structure, all in the highest quality low-emissivity (or low-e) glass. This provided thermal efficiency by minimising the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through the glass while minimising the amount of light that enters the building.

Lauren Cass, Managing Director, Glasstec Systems comments;

The clarity of the views, vision, light and colour experienced from the inside is astonishing. You have to see the “Floating glass” meeting room to really appreciate the glass effects.”

The unique housing block in Clerkenwell contains eight apartments over seven floors, including Amin Taha’s own home, as well as an office for his architecture practice Amin Taha + Groupwork.

 “15 Clerkenwell Close is brave, ambitious, highly innovative and bespoke. Risks have been taken and have paid off, resulting in a truly imaginative, intriguing and astonishing work of architecture “. Amin Taha Architects and Groupwork (ref:

Glasstec Systems are proud to have worked on a project of such stature with a unique cutting-edge design. This building will long be seen as a landmark architectural construction. Glasstec Systems had previously worked alongside Amin Taha Architects and Groupwork to re-design and renovate 168 Upper Street, a building that now boasts a notably striking façade. So, there was a clear understanding of the exacting standards required from the commencement of the work at 15 Clerkenwell Close.

Why Glasstec Systems?

The Glasstec Systems team has over 50 years combined industry experience. They specialise in providing ‘hands on’ bespoke structural glass solutions, taking care of projects from the initial enquiry stage all the way through to the sign off stage on site.

Integral to the success of Glasstec System’s business is its focus on delivering high levels of customer service. They work closely with clients to gain approval throughout the job while providing forward thinking suggestions, integrating cost effective products and service.

Glasstec Systems is a progressive company. Lauren Cass (Director) and Rhea Cass (Office Manager) are fundamental to the smooth running of the business. Having senior female figures spearheading a business management team is unfortunately all too rare in the UK construction industry.

The company is known for its fully committed approach to the projects they take on. Their qualified experienced team members are always happy to work from the initial design stage, offering advice where needed, presenting possible structural glazing solutions as required, as well as advising on those proposals that might not be possible!

Because the work Glasstec Systems does is often described as being ‘cutting edge’, the team are trusted by architects who often ask for advice on specific glazing solutions. “We like this design, but how can we do it in glass?” is a common question they are happy to answer.

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