Product: Bespoke structural glass elements, including a glass bridge, glass balustrade, and glass stair treads.

Application: Garden Design – Chelsea Flower Show


Glasstec Systems, a leading structural glazing company with a commitment to innovation and excellence, had the privilege of collaborating with Fox Gardens on a remarkable project at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023. The project, titled “Cavernoma on My Mind Sanctuary,” aimed to create a captivating garden that raised awareness and funds for Cavernoma Alliance UK. Glasstec Systems provided its expertise in designing, supplying, and installing bespoke structural glass elements, including a glass bridge, glass balustrade, and glass stair treads. This case study presents an overview of the project’s objectives, challenges faced, solutions provided, and the remarkable outcome achieved by Glasstec Systems in collaboration with Fox Gardens.

Glass cantilever

Project Objectives:

The primary objective of the project was to bring Anne Hamilton’s artistic vision to life and seamlessly incorporate her artwork into the structural glass elements. The garden design aimed to create a sanctuary that would represent the feelings and experiences of individuals living with cavernoma, a rare condition characterised by abnormal blood vessels in the brain or spinal cord. The glass bridge, glass balustrade, and glass stair treads were intended to be both functional and visually striking, complementing the overall theme of the garden and drawing attention to the charity’s cause.

Design and Planning

Glasstec Systems initiated the project by closely collaborating with Fox Gardens and Anne Hamilton’s team of designers. Understanding the significance of Anne’s artwork and its representation in the garden was of utmost importance. The structural glazing experts meticulously translated Anne’s intricate artwork into the glass bridge’s design, ensuring that each detail was faithfully preserved. The glass balustrade was designed to provide a sense of openness while maintaining safety and elegance, offering unobstructed views of the garden. The glass stair treads were engineered to be both aesthetically pleasing and slip-resistant, ensuring visitors’ safety as they explored the garden.

glass stairs

Manufacturing and Supply

With the design finalised, Glasstec Systems commenced the manufacturing process of the bespoke glass elements. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and premium materials, they ensured the glass elements met the highest standards of precision and durability. The glass was specially treated to withstand outdoor conditions, UV exposure, and temperature variations while preserving the integrity of Anne Hamilton’s artwork. Throughout the manufacturing process, Glasstec Systems maintained constant communication with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show organizers to ensure timely delivery and seamless installation.


The installation process was a crucial phase of the project, requiring meticulous planning and coordination to integrate the glass elements harmoniously with the garden’s natural setting. Glasstec Systems collaborated closely with the garden designers and landscapers to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding environment. The glass bridge, balustrade, and stair treads were carefully positioned and securely installed, creating a seamless and visually captivating integration with the garden’s landscape. The installation process showcased Glasstec Systems’ expertise and commitment to delivering flawless structural glazing solutions.

Anne Hamilton and Taina Suonio
Cavernoma on My Mind garden designers commented:

“We were recommended Glasstec Systems by our glass engineering company,
GL&SS. We also considered three other firms, but Glasstec Systems came
across as very professional and helpful. They understood our
requirements fully and inspired confidence.

The installation of the glass staircase and cantilever in our Cavernoma
on My Mind RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden was fascinating to follow.

We were very grateful to Director Laurence Cass of Glasstec Systems for
all his attention. The end result was absolutely spectacular and exactly
what we were looking for.”

Impact and Recognition

The “Cavernoma on My Mind Sanctuary” garden received widespread acclaim from visitors, fellow participants, and media outlets, including a feature on Gardeners World. The bespoke glass elements provided by Glasstec Systems played a pivotal role in capturing the essence of Anne Hamilton’s artwork and its connection to the cavernoma cause. The garden’s achievement of second place (Silver Gilt) was a testament to the combined efforts of the entire team, with the glass steps and platform becoming prominent focal points of the garden’s design.

Awareness and Fundraising

The project successfully raised awareness about Cavernoma Alliance UK and the challenges faced by individuals living with the condition. By featuring the charity’s cause prominently in the garden, Glasstec Systems and Fox Gardens contributed to increasing public understanding and empathy. The project’s online presence and engagement with the community facilitated fundraising efforts, rallying support and donations for the charity’s initiatives.


Glasstec Systems takes immense pride in its collaboration with Fox Gardens on the “Cavernoma on My Mind Sanctuary” project at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023. The company’s dedication to innovation, precision, and aesthetic excellence was evident in the design, supply, and installation of the bespoke glass bridge, glass balustrade, and glass stair treads. The successful partnership with Fox Gardens and Anne Hamilton brought her artistic vision to life while making a positive impact on awareness and fundraising for Cavernoma Alliance UK. Glasstec Systems looks forward to more such opportunities to contribute its expertise to meaningful and inspiring projects in the future.

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