Our understanding of natural sunlight and its health benefits is no secret, we can all relate to the relaxing, comforting feeling of warm sunshine on our faces.

In recent times within our homes and workplaces, we seek more natural light and better design of interior spaces to increase the amount of natural light we can achieve.

Daylighting is common with todays Architects and Interior Designers, it is the practice of placing glazing, windows, skylights, other openings, and reflective surfaces so that sunlight can provide effective internal lighting, for example to reduce energy and maximise natural wellbeing.

The health benefits of natural light include boosting vitamin D, improving sleep, and warding off seasonal depression.

Glass extensions

Glasstec Systems has witnessed a notable increase in customers wanting to extend their homes with large format structural glazing, often replacing old conservatories or rear extensions to properties.

These glass extensions, or ‘all-glass’ structures span floor to ceiling with minimal or no frame to maximise the amount of natural light into the building. Often understatedly referred to as ‘glass boxes’ the buildings feature glazed walls and ceilings to take full advantage of natural light and its benefits.

“O, Sunshine! The most precious gold the be found on earth.” Roman Payne

When it comes to structural glazing Glasstec has many years’ experience covering numerous applications. Given the complexity of ‘all-glass’ extension design and the specific requirements of each building and its inhabitants, often a bespoke design is needed.

Whether joining two buildings, extending a living space or constructing a standalone conservatory, these ‘Glass Boxes’ provide light and airy spaces without the need for bulky framework or support. Most often with no need for visible metal supports, as robust laminated glass and fins provide the required structural integrity.

Glasstec Systems is a specialist in bespoke structural glass applications, their broad experience on large commercial and individual residential projects means they are often asked for advice on bespoke glazing solutions. “We like this design/structure but how do we do it in glass?” is a common question Glasstec are happy to answer!

Glasstec are happy to work with you from the early stages of your project. If you have an idea, you’d like to explore using glass, they can help to turn the concept into completion.

If you are thinking of incorporating glass extensions, shower screens, porches, balustrades or an aspect of glazing into your next project please feel free to contact the team at Glasstec Systems with your ideas.

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