It’s no secret that Crittall style glazing solutions are firmly back on trend and at the forefront of interior designers’ minds when it comes to creating fresh looking, urban inspired interior spaces.

Perhaps it’s because of their edgy, cool appearance or their ability to create interest in a room. Some say it’s the fact that crittall allows for more light and creates the sensation of space.

For whatever reason, in recent times the slimline, industrial feel of these black framed windows and doors have massively grown in popularity.

The desire for Crittall style is not limited to just windows and doors. The symmetrical grid-like charm is fast becoming a favourite for room partitioning, walls and extensions, whilst also becoming a prominent design feature in bathrooms, wet rooms, and most notably shower screens.

Crittall is nothing new. It was in 1860, in the middle of the art deco era, that Francis Henry Crittall, an ironmonger in Essex, first used this method to create steel-framed windows. In recent times, Crittall style windows, doors, partitions, dividers and shower screens are proving as popular as the first Crittall style windows did over 160 years ago!

Interior designers and alike are incorporating Crittall style solutions into a broad range of applications, whether commercial office developments, partitioning for luxury apartment blocks or shower screens in hotel developments. The graphic steel frames provide designers with a cool, contemporary feel and add a hint of the industrial style.

Whether in the home as beautiful doors onto a garden, as a living room divider or stunning windows, this specialist metal framed glazing is continuing to grow in popularity across industry sectors.

Crittal glass for bathrooms

Crittall style doors can be used as internal partitions and connecting doorways, and they’re perfect for modern day design and open plan living. They provide the ability to divide up areas and compartmentalising zones whilst letting light flood in to help maintain the sense of space.

Ideal for gardens and rear extensions, creating a seamless connection between inside and out, Crittall style glazing can provide a stunning graphic divider between the existing build and the new extension. Furthermore, full length floor to ceiling glazing looks great in the Crittall style, ideal for maximising light and creating real impact on home extensions.

Kitchen planners and designers are also seeking the architectural graphic look that Crittall style glazing provides. Sleek, minimal look kitchens are offset perfectly by the slimline black frames.

Crittall style is perfect for separating rooms and people are using these steel-framed partitions to create floor plans that feel both light and inclusive while retaining an element of separation, perfect for subtly defining the kitchen and living areas.

Crittal Glazing for Kitchens

Prominent but simple, the steel-framed grid-like glazing provides the ideal accompaniment to numerous other design styles and trends, from mid-century modern to Scandinavian inspired design, while their steel frames create a contemporary elegance with a suggestion of that much sought after industrial style.

Crittall doors are also perfect for offices, and social settings in business environments. Cool and versatile, the sturdy, slim-profile frames help to create interest in professional settings whilst not overpowering or distracting.  The industrial vibe created by Crittall style glazing compliments cool, calm office environments whilst working well with other materials and trends such as concrete and brass.

If you are thinking of incorporating Crittall style glazing into your next project please feel free to contact the team at Glasstec Systems with your ideas.

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